Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tracking his computer

Hi- wanted to thank Brady and his team for investigating how/if we could track down Nicholas' computer via his IP address. Unfortunately, tracking his laptop via IP addresses is nearly impossible (please see thread below).

The missing computer has been filed into the national crimes database and we keep checking craigslist to see if it pops up there.

[excerpt from email thread]

IP addresses are of absolutely no use at this point regardless of vendor or who provided the card. And for Nicholas' laptop, AirPort was the built-in method or card he used. He determined that unless you have a "tracker" installed before a laptop is stolen, it's a bad scenario.

IP address are very, very different from the MAC addresses (again not MAC as in Macintosh, but MAC as in Media Access Control). Any IP address that shows up on the Internet is 99.9% to be from behind a firewall preventing you from accessing the "true" IP Address of the originating machine. And again, even if we knew his true IP Address - determining the MAC address would be similar to finding a needle in a haystack the size of Jupiter.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Good luck with the search.

I am out of town this weekend, but wish you all luck with the searching. I know my staple gun is in good hands and will be put to good use, but please hang an extra poster on my behalf, and I'll appreciate it very much! Stay safe.


Friday, February 22, 2008

New YouTube Video

READ THIS!!! Did Nicholas ever email you?

Does anyone have an email from Nicholas that may have been sent from Nicholas' laptop? If so, please let Andrea know. It won't work if you forward it, but she can talk you through getting the info we need, that will help track the laptop to see if anyone has used it, etc.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Missing posters are missing.

I noticed as Yumiko and I walked to her car tonight, that for the most part, the posters that were located where Nicholas would have been parked and the ones on the surrounding blocks, are gone. I will replace them after my meetings tomorrow, unless somebody else gets to it first.

Has anyone noticed this happening in any other areas?

Also, someone I handed one of the small ones to today asked what we mean by "reward of up to $15,000"? What do we mean?

On the Record with Greta Van Stusteran interview.

This originally aired on Wednesday 2/20 and was rebroadcast Thursday 2/21.
Fox: Police believe missing dad took off or became victim of random crime. Click here to watch.

Canvass this Saturday. Meeting Time 11am at Publicis

On Saturday, we will have another organized effort to canvass the areas south of Burien (where our Publicis search ended last Saturday) to Federal Way (where Nicholas' car was found).

It will be divided into sections just like last Saturday and teams will be assigned to each section and we will check off each street just as we did before.

Meeting Time: 11:00 am
Meeting location: Publicis in the West

Again, we will advise everyone to travel in groups and stay safe.